Amplifiers Cowboy Vibro-Cow 1x12" Combo

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50s Tweed 'lux style 5F11 combo. Hand made to the highest standards here in Perth!

  • The cab is stock sized, but I used a 12" speaker instead of the stock 10". Solid finger-jointed pine as per the originals.
  • I also bumped up the filtering slightly and added some low end via coupling caps to make it sound fuller.
  • Circuit is similar to a 5E3 Deluxe but less saturated. The tremolo is bias vary, which is regarded as being the most "lush"!
  • Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • F+T and Sprague Atom electrolytics
  • Sozo coupling caps
  • Precision Electronics over-spec 2W stainless steel pots
  • Period correct tagboard, handwired construction. Meticulous lead dress to keep noise to a minimum.
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