Amplifiers Cowboy Cow-Breaker Valve Combo

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Based on a late 70s/early 80s Marshall 2204 50W Master Volume. Hand made to the highest standards here in Perth!

  • Cab is a Mojotone 1x12 18W Marshall combo cab in custom cosmetics. Finger-jointed birch ply like the originals.
  • Late 60s style construction and filtering, using 60s era turret-board and early plexi style chassis. Plexi era style filtering.
  • Sozo coupling caps, F+T filter caps.
  • Mercury Magnetics plexi style transformers
  • Precision Electronics over-spec 2W stainless steel pots
  • KT77 power tubes for increased low-end definition and sweeter highs.
  • Cathode biased, for a creamier feel and slightly less harsh highs.
  • Circuit tweaked to suit the smaller cabinet. It sounds warmer and more "plexi-like" than a 2204 normally would. Less hair-metal, more Bluesbreakers.
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