Amplifiers Cornford Hellcat 35W 2x12 Valve Combo Pre-Owned

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Rare Cornford Hellcat 2x12, 35 watt valve combo. Cornford produced some of the worlds finest hand-wired boutique valve amplifiers. Notable users include Ritchie Kotzen, and Dweezil Zappa. Cornford Amplifiers don't come up for sale very often, and the Hellcat Combo is a particularly rare model.

It shares the features of the Hellcat head - 4 EL84 power valves, 5 ECC83 (12AX7) preamp valves, 2 channels - Modern and Vintage with separate gain and volume controls and a shared EQ. It has an effects loop and built-in reverb. The Hellcat was Cornford's high gain amp, designed to cover metal as well as Cornford's more traditional territory of blues and rock. As is typical with Cornford it's actually capable of a wide range of styles - from clean to full-on saturation. Both channels are extremely responsive to playing dynamics and the guitar's volume control. The Vintage channel ranges from clean to AC/DC and would probably keep a large number of guitarists happy in itself and it has a beautiful clean sound. The Modern channel goes to full saturation if you want it to but there is a fair overlap between the channels so you could happily use the Vintage channel clean and use Modern for a classic rock drive. Or drive the Vintage channel and roll back on the guitar volume to clean it up and use the Modern channel for solos.

All original - except one speaker has been replaced with a G12M to give some additional 'mismatched' fatness (1 x Vintage 30, 1 x G12M).

Excellent working and cosmetic condition. Don't miss this one!

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