Amplifiers Marshall SL5 Slash Signature Combo Amplifier Pre-Owned

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Pre-Owned in good condition with some wear and stains to the baffle.

Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction is one of the greatest rock albums of all time, and among its myriad highlights is the gorgeous guitar tone of the band's top hat-totin' whirlwind, Slash. He used a rented Marshall 'Plexi' head and a non-Gibson Les Paul to produce a sound that was full and thick for rhythm, yet sufficiently articulate for solos.

And now, after working together to bring us the limited-edition AFD100 signature head back in 2010, the Marshall team and Slash himself have gone back to the drawing board to produce a small five-watt combo.

"The SL5 is an all-valve package with an EL34 tube in the power-valve section"

The SL5 is an all-valve package with an EL34 tube in the power-valve section, which is significant because most of Marshall's more powerful amps are based around that type of valve - typically, amps with a similarly low output would use an EL84.

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