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Effects Carlin Compressor Overdrive Pedal Pre-Owned

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Pre-Owned in used condition.

The special detail with the Carlin Compressor is that you can mix in overdrive in the sound. This is because the pedal has, apart from the Sustain and Volume knobs, one called “Dist”. If Dist is turned down all the way you have a completely clean tone with a pretty mild and natural sounding compression. If you turn up Dist you will find a sound that is perfect for solos.

“I borrowed a Carlin Compressor and it is one of the best pedals I have used. It has got to be more known” – Reine Fiske

– Is the clone really a clone?
– The circuit in itself was not very hard to copy. All components used in the original are manufactured today. We compared the original with the clone and Carlin ok’ed it. The clone differs some on the outside, see below. The reasons why we didn’t copy everything are mainly that it has become some standard to use true bypass and to have the input jack to the right. The original enclosure was also a bit tricky to remake. Here are the differences between the clone and the original.

* the clone has true bypass – the bypass signal passes a buffer, original.
* the clone has the input jack on the right side of the box – the original has input on the left.
* the clone has a LED to indicate effects mode – the original has no LED.
* the clone is powered with 9v battery or with a 9v adapter – the original is powered with a 9v battery only.
* the clone is built in a red painted box with the same size as the Trex pedals – the original box is a little bigger.

The box is painted with a special type of paint called “Hammerite”, which crackles in a beautiful way. The logo is a sticker decal on a metal plate and it is fastened with two screws in the box. True Bypass. Powered with 9V adapter. This pedal is hand made in Sweden. Power supply is not included.

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