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Excellent condition. Please note, no box included.

The Animal Pedals bears are Fuzzy things so it’s no surprise they have been working on something very fuzzy sounding down in the bear cave. Having a deep love of the Big Muff Pi pedal, they set their sights on creating a fuzz that captured the essence of the “Civil War” nicknamed, early 1990’s Big Muff era, but with more control over tone and tightness of the sound. Upon finishing their latest creation they all agreed that they all loved this fuzz as much as they’re love of fishing, which as we all know is a bears favourite pastime!

As fuzzy as a family of holidaying bears on a fishing trip. And this fuzz is no copycat clone, it's a sleuth of bears who make their own unique happy fun.

  • 'Civil War' Big Muff inspired
  • Enhanced tone sculpting
  • True bypass
  • 9V battery or standard 9VDC negative tip adaptor
  • Current draw 4.5mA
  • Input impedance 500K ohms
  • Output impedance 10K ohms
  • Designed in Japan by One Control
  • Artwork by Jonas Claesson
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