Andrew McIlroy

Andrew envisioned The Rock Inn after visiting Western Australia touring with his band 'Airborne'. He returned many years later in 1988 and set up the first Rock Inn store in Subiaco. The rest is history! Since his "semi-retirement" Andrew has been playing lots of gigs in his British-influenced Blues band "Empire Blues".

Shaun McIlroy

Shaun has been hanging The Rock Inn since before he could talk - and has been working at the shop in one way or another his whole life! After managing the store, Shaun purchased the store from Andrew in 2018. Shaun currently plays a '54 Custom Shop Telecaster and Jazz Chorus, Rhodes Piano and Roland Juno in "Material World Orchestra".

Leigh Siragusa

Our resident guitar tech, shredder and all round nice guy - the one and only Leigh Siragusa. Leigh was a touring musician for many years, and is well known around Perth as a guitar virtuoso. Leigh has a seemingly endless collection of guitars, but particularly enjoys his Teles, Strats, Ibanez Jems and Maccaferri-style acoustics.

Curtis McEntee

Curtis likes to think he's the head of the shipping department, and he is. Curtis plays a Fender American Professional Stratocaster, Victory Amplifier, and pedals from Strymon, Chase Bliss Audio, Diamond and Electri Harmonix.

Djan Irianto

The arch nemesis of Curtis, Djan has been working here at The Rock Inn (either part time or full time) for the last 10 years! Djan works on a Saturday whilst studying Engineering. Djan plays in 'The King of the Travellers'.

Jamie Turner

Jamie joined the team in 2018 and it's like he's been here forever! Jamie is proficient on guitar, bass, drums, keys and an incredibly talented musician. He plays in the 60s Pysch-pop band "Myths" and "Material World Orchestra". Jamie plays a Ric bass, 70's Strat & Moog Model D.

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