Electric Guitars Vox Mark III Mini Electric Guitar Aqua Green

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Released in the 1960s, the teardrop-shaped Mark VI guitar was loved by many musicians. Its unique look continues to captivate the hearts of its fans. We’ve released a mini-sized version of this guitar with this characteristic shape.

Play your favorite riffs at the park, the subway, or the tour bus! The new VOX Mark III mini provides the sound and feel of a full-sized electric guitar in a compact format. Play with the same tuning and tension as a standard guitar but on a 476mm short scale format. High gear ratio tuning heads, especially designed for short scale guitars, allow for easy and accurate tuning. Try pairing the VOX Mark III mini with an amPlug or the VGH series for the perfect travel guitar experience.

Short scale neck that’s as playable as a full-sized guitar

This new guitar features a 476 mm short-scale neck. By using heavy-gauge strings, the guitar can be tuned to standard tuning (E1, B2, G3, D4, A5 and E6). The nut is the same size as a full-sized guitar, maintaining the feeling of playing a standard guitar.

Custom pegs for smooth tuning 

We’ve developed custom tuning pegs with an adjusted gear ratio to match the short scale of this instrument. This makes tuning this instrument just as smooth as a full-sized guitar.

Single-coil pickups that offer the classic VOX tone

This instrument features single-coil pickups that give you the smooth sounds of the 1960s. The guitar has two pickups and a selector for playing with a wide range of sounds.

The instrument comes in three unique and vivid colors

The marble model features a unique design sense with energetic, vivid tones against a white base. The loud red model is eye-catching with a fiery bright presence. The aqua green model gives a fresh, soothing impression with its cool color.

Perfect as a first guitar for kids

These days, parents are showing the rock music they love to their children and instilling in them a love for guitar. The VOX Mark III mini is the perfect first guitar for kids, with a shorter scale and smaller body. With a scale length of 476 mm, three-quarters the scale of a standard guitar, it is the perfect size guitar for kids.

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