B&G Guitars B&G Crossroads Series Step Sister Cutaway Humbucker Honey Burst with Case

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The Step Sister is our second model of electric guitars. Though it shares the same DNA as our Little Sister, meaning it was built using the traditional techniques of the Golden Era of electrics, but it articulates a different vibe altogether. Originally crafted only as a Private Build custom-made instrument, now available for the first time as a Crossroads version.

The Crossroads series needed to be built from quality solid tone-woods: African mahogany body and neck, katalox fingerboard, and solid maple top. Factory-made brass hardware made it possible to maintain the familiar look and similar tonal qualities to our original Private Build equivalent.

On the Step Sister, the body shape is shortened, joined with the neck at the 16th fret, and the fingerboard extends to 22 frets. The neck heel has been reshaped, for the easiest access up to the last fret. A nimble, agile, sleek machine developed for ease of playability.

Because of the extended length of the fingerboard, the neck pickup is placed slightly closer to the bridge than on a Little Sister. Therefore it delivers a brighter and more defined tone by itself, and a beautiful ‘hollow' quality when paired with the bridge pickup.

The Step Sister Crossroads Humbuckers Honey Burst comes packed with a pair of B&G’s Crossroads humbucking pickups and is fully compatible with our Private Build hand-wound pickups and solid brass bridge, for those who wish to upgrade further down the road.

The Step Sister Crossroads turned out to be everything we expected, and more - a gorgeous, enchanting instrument that will inspire you to play all day long.

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