Amplifiers George Dennis Mighty Mouse Amplifier Head Pre-Owned

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Rare George Dennis Mighty Mouse head in fair condition. Great sounding compact amp head! Faceplate was quite worn and has been replaced with a blank plate - otherwise original.

The Mighty Mouse displays the signature tonal aspects of an EL84-powered class A amp (even though it’s actually a class AB design) by offering a huge punchy sound with generous helpings of lively harmonic content. The excellent reverb circuit features an ingenious Hi/Lo sensitivity switch that allows you to determine how hard the signal hits the tank. In the Lo position, the guitar is more prominent in the mix, while the Hi setting saturates the guitar signal in reverb for heavy twanging or moody melodic forays. The Lead channel’s Reverb Sensitivity control is a great idea, too, as it effectively provides two distinct reverb sounds. For example, you can dial in a totally surfed-out texture on the clean channel, and then switch to a less swampy ‘verb for lead playing. The reverb gets a little noisy when cranked way up, but its smoothness and dimension are impressive for a small-sized tank.

The Mighty Mouse sounds equally cool with humbuckers or single-coils, and credit here goes to the 2-position Mid Select switch on the Lead channel, which allow you to fine tune the amp for a particular guitar’s needs (both channels also have Bright switches). For instance, I never had to crank the bass on this amp to get a fat sound from a Strat3s lead pickup-I just turned the Bright witch off, set the Mid Select to its thickest-sounding position, and was instantly rewarded wit a big, full tone that packed lots of low-end authority. With a dual humbucker-equipped Tele, I got a rich, woody sound with plenty of articulation simply by using the switches to pull back the mids and enhance treble, and then tweaking the powerful Contour control to get just the right balance of brightness and girth. All of the toggle switches pop quite loudly when initially set to a different position, but at least they remain quiet afterwards.


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