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Digitech Whammy V4 pre-owned, in excellent condition.

Musicians who want a guitar pedal to play music with loads of features will love the DigiTech Hardwire RV-7. It's true-bypass stereo reverb guitar effects are designed to boost your sound. Complement your playing and have fun making each riff out of this world. With this stompbox, you can create fuller guitar tracks live or in the studio with spring, room, and even hall reverb. The Hardwire RV-7 delivers Lexicon reverberation to give you a professional and distinctive sound every time you plug it into your amplifier.You can use this product without having to use supplemental gear or accessories each time you play. Utilize true-bypass circuitry and high-voltage rails to save your tone from being watered-down and drained. The four knobs featured on this product give you control over your music without variable decay. Maintain the level and liveliness settings by adjusting the mode you play in. When it comes to having great reverb on your guitar, it is easily achievable through the DigiTech Hardwire RV-7. This product can add different layers of reverb to each song that you create with any of your favorite instruments. The digital circuitry creates a variety of modifiers that can be used such as the spring reverb. When you play out of your amps after plugging this product in, you can control the quality. This vintage product creates unparalleled music with many choices of reverbs and the option to modify bass, delay, and more. You can get the exact type of note that you want every time you pick up your instrument and play. With this stompbox, you have the power to manipulate the type of effect you want to use. You’ll be able to create a truly unique soundscape with any of your guitars. If you desire to create huge atmospheric walls of decay, look no further than the effects produced by this product. You have the option to play with spring reverb or even add delay to modify the settings of each song that you perform. Each of the options can be changed to meet your preferences each time you create a riff or song. If you love reverb, you have many options to choose from so that you can play any style of music.The effects range from jazz room to rich hall to a surf spring. Choose from Room, Plate, Reverse, Modulated, Gated, Hall, or Spring reverbs to meet your needs. Adjust and monitor each time for level, liveliness, and decay to achieve the perfect effect. Tune in to every detail with precision potentiometers that ensure knob positions stay where you want them. View your settings with the indicator LED. The pedal switch glow sticker will help you locate your pedal in low lighting.The constant high-voltage rails protect your tone through eliminating clipping and signal degradation caused by power drains with your power supply. In addition, the true-bypass feature preserves purity as the signal passes through the pedal. This product incorporates circuitry that increases operating voltage headroom to optimal levels. It is rugged, durable, and meant to last for years to come. This pedal complements a wide range of guitars to give you the freedom to play whatever form of music you want in style.
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