The RB6 offers 165 watts RMS of deep bass tone into a 15” Custom designed driver plus a switchable horn and features a smart Metallic grey control panels, clearly laid out allowing quick understanding and easy access to sounds, housing ‘chrome’ knobs with white pointers to assist the user during darker moments on stage.

The RB6 preamp packs everything you’ll need for getting a great tone – Hi & Normal jack inputs three band EQ including a 7 band graphic mid for accurate low end sculpting and an over all master Presence, Enhance an on-board Compressor a Switchable Limiter and an XLR DI socket.

The RB6 features a Dual position cabinet, which is great for rehearsal or stage use as they can be kicked back into monitor position mode allowing them to be used as a personal monitor when a DI is being taken from them into the main PA.

Pure Bass Tone – From Bedroom to Stadium