Amplifiers Cowboy Deluxe-Cow Valve Combo

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Hand-made here in Prrth!

  • Based on the classic 5E3 tweed Deluxe, one of the most famous Fenders of the tweed era.
  • oversize power transformer to help keep low end tight and stop "farty bass" syndrome
  • Sozo Blues and F+T capacitors
  • built in the original tagboard style, completely handwired with great care taken to keep noise to an absolute minimum.
  • Mercury Magnetics transformers, and even a choke, which is not normally used in a Deluxe. It helps keep things smooth.
  • My tweeds are designed to keep all of the bits we like about tweed amps but get rid of the stuff we don't - the noise, the flab, the loose low end and fizzy highs. I am aiming to keep the sound more pure and all about tone, not noise.
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